Become the woman you were always meant to be.....
helping women connect to their bodies to feel strong, empowered and embodied.


A bit about me....

Soft + Strong
Wild + Free
Fragile + Fierce

I love helping women to feel empowered in themselves. In their life and bodies. It is my wish that all women can be free from the constraints that make us feel unsafe in the world. To feel in harmony with their bodies own wisdom. To trust themselves and make good life decisions from a place of sovereignty and strength!. I have found that journey back to myself through my connection with my body. If you'd like some tips for loving your body click here.

I'm a huge believer of doing what makes you feel good and alive! Life is way too unpredictable not to be living it for the moment. this is not to say that we don't plan and make steps towards a positive future too! 


I make sure I do things for myself everyday that make me feel great. Wether its' sea swimming, long walks, Yoga and movement or spending time with people who nourish me. Having access to tools that keep us steady and actually using them is what can mould a good or bad day. If you're interested in working with me 121 and would like more information or would like to schedule a consultation to see how I can support you in living a fuller more vibrant life, please get in touch today. Let's do this!!



“Sophie's writing course was wonderful especially in recognising how far I have come over the years. It helped me to reignite my Wonder Woman fire! Thank you Sophie!”