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Journalling is one of the simplest, most-effective tools to help us navigate our lives and the world around us.


There is an extensive body of both academic research and anecdotal evidence for the power of journaling to transform lives. Personally, I can attest to this both in my own life and in the lives of my clients. 

This course is a three-week deep dive into the world of you,

Next date, Summer 2021



Week 1 - Recognise

This week we will take an honest inventory at where we are at in

our lives. What we have achieved and created so far. How we actually feel

about ourselves. This week lays the foundation for the whole course.

 Week 2 - Reclaim  

This week is about remembering who we are as women. Who we are now and

who we hope to grow into. A rediscovery and reclamation of us! This week is

not about repeating lofty affirmations that we don't really believe but digging

down into the truth of us. And seeing ourselves clearly. 

Week 3 - Rise

So we have been digging into who we are in this moment; where we are at.

Who we might want to become in the future. But how do we get there?

This is what Week 3 begins to address. So that you can finish this

three-week process with a clear intention for moving forward with purpose.


This course is perfect for these uncertain times we are living in.

It's simple, effective and best of all - journaling can be something you do, for life.


  • Love and relationships

  • Career / Purpose

  • Sexuality 

  • Relationship with our body

  • Passions 

  • Creativity 

  • Boundaries and more!


  • Daily instructions direct to your inbox so you can keep the course forever and redo all or part of it anytime.

  • 1 group Zoom call a week hosted by me to share your discoveries and get feedback

  • 1 recorded weekly practice to help you embody what you have learnt about yourself this week. 

  • Personal support from me via email anytime you need it for the duration of the course 



  • Several journalling techniques that will ensure you build a useful toolkit 

  • How to build a regular (but not necessarily daily) journalling practice for life, starting with doing it each day for 3 weeks

  • How journalling can be a powerful method to create positive change in your life

  • How to process difficult emotions through the written word. 


  • Know yourself better - This course will help you to appreciate how far you have come in life. It will help you make peace with the past and get excited about what the future holds for you

  • Improved mental health and wellbeing - Journaling is an amazing way to manage and overcome stress, anxiety and depression. This course will give you the tools you need to keep on top of these aspects of life, rather than letting them get on top of you. 

  • Physical symptoms and chronic pain - Journaling can be an effective tool for dealing with these,  both of which can stem from your psyche's cries for help manifested in the only way they can be heard, through your body. Through journaling we can begin to answer these cries. It would be irresponsible of my to claim that this course will help you resolve symptom x or y, I can only say that I have seen changes in my own life in this area.

  • (Re)Ignite your creativity We are all creative beings, it is our birthright. However very often we don't ever connect to this part of ourselves or we lose touch with it. Over the three weeks you'll get back in touch with this part of yourself and see the joy it can bring into your life.  


  • Getting ‘unstuck’ At some point most of us have felt like we’re stuck in life, and expressing on to paper is one of the best ways to get unstuck. Whether you're feeling stuck around career, relationship, health, life purpose, or something else. This course will help you identify where you're blocked, what you really want and plot a path to getting it. 


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Early Bird Price: £59