I know it can feel daunting to address an unfulfilling sex life. And feels way easier to just brush it under the carpet.


I mean you got this far in life and you're just fine right? 

But is being 'just fine' good enough for you?

wouldn't you love to feel..... 

  • excited about sex

  • alive and sensual

  • confident in your sexuality

  • like you know what you need, what you love and how to ask for it? 

And I also know it can feel almost impossible to know where to start!


But did you know....

  • That your body is literally made for pleasure? (it is you know)

  • That Women can experience multiple kinds of orgasm and ecstatic bliss? 

  • That having a wonderful and fulfilling sex life and positively enrich ALL aspects of your life

    • Your confidence

    • Your relationships

    • How you show up in your work

    • Understanding your boundaries

    • Your communication (oh hello asking for what you want!)


You can live the rest of your life without all this awesomeness and I'm sure you'll be 'just fine'. OR you may well feel....

  • Like something is missing from your life

  • Disconnected from who you are as a woman

  • Forever wondering...what if!

  • Jealous as hell of your friends who did take the plunge!

Hi I'm Sophie and I feel your pain....

I spent so many years...

  • Having totally unfulfilling sex

  • Not putting my needs first both in my sex life and intimate relationship

  • Having literally no idea how to recieve pleasure

  • Thinking the only way to have pleasure was to 'get it' from another person

  • Never asking for what I wanted in the bedroom

  • And never having any idea what I might want in the first place!

Sophie _08.jpg

I've spent many years putting my sexual self back together and now I love to help other Women do the same.

So if this is you:

  • You know there is more to your sex life than what you're experiencing right now

  • You want to embrace your sexuality but don't know where to start

  • You've listened to all the podcasts, read the books, followed the instagram accounts but nothing is quite clicking

  • You know you need support but time or money prevents you from commiting to a longer programme

  • Your curious about coaching but want to 'try it out' before commiting to a long programme



It really IS possible to reset your sex life in only 1 hour!
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What you'll receive......
  • A 60 minute bespoke focussed coaching session to transform your sex life for good. (value £120)                    
  • Bespoke daily journalling prompts 3 days before our session to get you in the mood! (value £50)
  • Bespoke homework and to help you integrate all we covered (value £100)
  • To help you have the most success possible we are giving everyone takes mart in a '60 minute reset' session 1 week of Voxer support after your session (value £200)
These powerful one off coaching sessions will give your sensual and sexual embodiment journey the jump start it needs!
Total value
Your price today

What makes you qualified to help me? 

I've been working with Women for over 13 years. I'm a qualified coach and therapist in training AND I've been exactly where you are now! I've transformed my relationship to sex and I know you can too!

How do I know that this is right for me? 

If you are reading this, if you know that you want things to change and you know you need help to change them then this programme is for you!

How much time do I need to invest? 

You need to keep 1 hour (at least) for our session plus an extra 10 minutes a day to write your journalling responses. The homework will generally require an hour or so to complete, but with this work the more time you give it the more you will get out, so I recommend putting time aside every week after doing our session.

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