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  • You deserve to feel confident in who you are as a woman.

  • You deserve to have a healthy relationship with your body.

  • You deserve to truly embrace who you are as a sexual being -

      feeling alive, vital and free.


 You do.

 But if only it were that easy, right?


It's time to stop that don't you think?

If you’re like a lot of women…


  • Your body confidence is low, you don’t feel proud of your body and you definitely don’t show it off!

  • You don’t give yourself the time you deserve and need to experience pleasure and play!

  • Your sexual relationships are not fulfilling you. You know you have a body made for pleasure (you know that right?). But you just don’t know how to access it.

  • You're struggling with ageing and what that means for you. You’re losing your old identity and you don’t know who this new version of you is!

  • You want to embrace your true self, stop editing, and show who you really are but just don't know how! 

Here's the thing....

You’ve spent a lot of time looking outside of yourself for answers.  

We all do it.
  • We look to the opinion of others to find validation
  • We spend hours trying to fix our bodies, our skin to look better physically
  • We wear clothes that mask our 'flaws'

But now is the time to take you and your future self seriously.

To know who you are, and what you actually need in order to THRIVE in the second half of your amazing life.
Without needing to find validation outside of you.

I created the Belong program to help you do just that.

A bespoke coaching programme that will guide you step by step back to you.  A safe journey to reconnect to your own inner guidance, wisdom and guru - so that you can feel whole, vibrant and alive from the inside out

My name is Elizabeth and I am menopausal midlifer from the North of England. 

The reason I approached Sophie was an awareness that I lacked the confidence and belief in myself to properly take the next step in my career.

I was seeking to make a huge change in a career choice and it was a transformation that I wasn’t 100% sure I could pull off. 

After each consultation with Sophie, I felt I learnt something new, or rather I realised the importance of something I already knew. I already had all the tools I needed I just don’t think I would have found them without her help and guidance.

I was initially sceptical as to how much coaching could actually help me but it has been a revelation.

- Elizabeth Joseph (writer)

Here’s what we’ll do together:


  • Embark on a guided path to feeling truly confident in who you are as a woman

  • Learn to express yourself authentically and without fear of being rejected, judged or shamed

  • Create healthy boundaries for yourself so that people who no longer serve you don’t stick around

  • Explore the excitement of learning about yourself as a sexual and sensual being

  • Fill your life with people and experiences that truly fill you up.

  • Step into becoming a role model for other women by walking your walk and talking your talk

Online Meditation

6 private one on one Embodied

Coaching sessions

(held on zoom)


Bespoke homework after every session


Weekly check ins and email accountability to keep you on track

Dancing Women

1 FREE Self Love Class a month to help integrate our sessions 

Coffee and Book

Additional tools and resources to support your journey

If you think that you're doing just great in the intimacy department like I did - run and talk to Sophie. If you're struggling - run and talk to Sophie. Basically, if you're a woman, especially over 40, Sophie is a gold mine and you'll forever be glad you connected with her. I think every single Woman will flourish under Sophie's guidance. Thank you so much Sophie!

Lauren Power - Entrepreneur

Sophie is awesome to work with. I love her laser focus, her commitment during the session, as well as her fun and awesome techniques. She made me feel safe enough to share literally every teeny little thing. I felt accepted and reassured. Ever since I worked with her I have noticed more of the old me coming back in beautiful ways. I feel different, I feel more curious, I feel more alive. I feel like I've taken my feminine power back.

Thank you Sophie for the amazing work you offer. I highly, highly recommend working with Sophie. Especially if you feel like you've lost some of your sexiness, sensuality and feminine mojo. She will help you reclaim it.

Laurie Santos - EFT Tapping Therapist

Hi I'm Sophie....

I have been working with Women for over 12 years, formally as a Yoga Teacher and more recently with women in a coaching capacity and holding empowering spaces for women weather thats Womens Sauna's or Self Love Rituals.

I am passionate about helping women feel connected to themselves. To feel empowered and powerful! To become the woman they were always mean to be. To enjoy and appreciate their body.

I'm in awe of womens magnificence, the huge shifts we go through in our lives and I want to help 30+ women really embrace themselves.

I have been on countless trainings both in Yoga, womens health and concious sexuality. I am a qualified health coach and counsellor in training.

Sounds good right! So how does it work?


        How do I start this process?

  • Click on the button below and  book an initial call so I can find out what it is you're looking for and wether we are a good fit. I'll also answer any questions you have on this call.

        How often are our sessions?

  • Our sessions will be bi-weekly at a set time each week (this can change if needed and advance warning is given).

        Where are the sessions held?

  • Our 121 sessions will be held over Zoom and each session will build upon the last.

       What can I expect from a coaching session with you?

  • Each session is totally bespoke and can include, coaching techniques, embodiment practices, Internal Family Systems or parts work.

       Are there any other time commitments?

  • I will also give you bespoke homework every week to help you integrate what you learn in our sessions. This should take around 20 minutes to 1 hour a week.

       Do I have to stop the coaching after the 3 month programme?

  • This programme is 3 months for some Women this is enough and for others they like to keep the support going.

  • Can I cancel if I change my mind after the programme starts?

       By committing to this programme for 3 months you are making a committment to             yourself. The course fee is non refundable and non transferable.

Ready to book a discovery call? 

The world judges women....


  • We are judged by how our body looks.

  • By how successful we are

  • By whether or not we are in a relationship

  • Or if we are considered to be “sexy” enough


We are judged by our beauty, how we dress, our parenting skills, our sex skills or even the sound of our voices.


As women, we are constantly measured from the outside in. It’s no wonder we judge ourselves in the same way.