Women in Bodysuit


I love working with Women to help them come back to themselves and embrace who they are wholeheartedly. To take this step to committing to yourself is a big one and one that your body and soul will thank you for! 


I work with women who:


  • Are ready to make a commitment to themselves for a 3 month period as a minimum 

  • Want to get to know themselves better, feel more empowered and generally live life more fully

  • Feel stuck and would like to shift out of their comfort zone to break patterns that are holding them back in life

  • Have an interest in learning about the power of their menstrual cycle and what perimenopause and menopause might mean for them 

  • Would like to embrace their sexuality more fully and experience more pleasure in the bedroom both with themselves and others

How we will work together:


  • We will start with a 30 minute discovery call to see if we are both suited to working together

  • If we are both happy to take the next step we will book in 6 sessions over a 3 month period (this gives us a good amount of time to see results)

  • We will meet every 2 weeks with tasks to work on at home

  • On the last session we will assess where we have got to and if a further 3 month block should be booked in

  • All meetings will be virtual via zoom



£360 one off payment