YOU can change that story for good and step into BEING the vital and alive woman you are becoming.


How many women feel they become invisible at a certain age?

It’s time to stand up to this and prove them wrong.

Midlife Magic is the first course to combine journaling, live calls, daily affirmations and accountability specifically FOR midlife women to feel more powerful than ever before in just 7 days.

Don’t you hate the social and cultural narrative that a woman becomes less of herself as she ages not more?


It’s so easy to fall in line (consciously or unconsciously) with this before we even realise it.

Not to mention that everyone around us has also fallen under this illusion.

When we add to this the hormonal shifts of menopause it's no wonder so many women suffer with confidence issues and feel like they have 'lost themselves' at midlife.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

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A 2016 Dove study showed that Women’s confidence actually declines (yes, declines) with experience. And women often lose confidence during perimenopause and menopause. So we NEED a helping hand to help get us back on track, loving ourselves and embracing who we are.

Of course you can....


  • keep reading articles about how women ‘should’ be. What we ‘should’ wear. How we ‘should’ behave in midlife.


  • ask older women or even your Mum about how she navigated this time of life (I tried that one!).


  • go on social media searching for answers and hoping for some inspiration.

  • cross your fingers and hope for the best.


These things may help a bit but they may actually confuse you more! What you need is to learn to trust yourself, discover who you are becoming…and do it in a circle of amazing women.

It has never been more important than now for you to shift your own mindset and embrace midlife…your way.


The only way we can change the cultural narrative is by changing our own. The longer we allow ourselves to drift along accepting societal norms the harder it will be to change in the future.

I want to be a different kind of ‘midlife woman’ and I want you to join me….are you ready?

Imagine how it would feel to
  • Walk down the street with confidence
  • Lose the shame story and embrace getting older (life begins at Midlife.

  • Feel excited to create the second half of your life.

  • Make exciting plans for the future

  • Wear WTF you like without caring what anyone else thinks

  • Be unapologetically you…fit out don’t fit in.

  • Be a role model for the next generation

  • Share your confidence with other women and change the story of midlife forever.

Introducing Midlife Magic
from Frumpy to Fabulous in 7 Days !

Hi I'm Sophie!


I'm a Women’s Coach, Yoga Teacher, conscious sexuality practitioner who hit early menopause with a bang! So I know how scary this transition can be. And how empowering it can feel to come back int alignment with yourself. I have over 12 years experience working with women and I'm a woman on a mission to change what being a woman looks like from middle age and beyond!

I believe women can be sexier, more confident, experience more pleasure and be more of themselves than ever before...and I want that for you!

Sophie _16.jpg

The only course of it’s kind to….combine journaling, group coaching, daily affirnmations and accountability specifically for midlife women to feel more powerful than ever before.

Here’s what you get…


7 Days of journaling Prompts delivered straight to your inbox every evening.

(so you will NEVER get stuck for what to write)

These perfect prompts are specially created to guide you into a deep journey about what being in midlife means for you; taking you through an insightful process that builds day by day to deepen your understanding of yourself so that you create results you love that last.


So grab your journal, start writing, and as you begin the deep work of learning about yourself, it’s like having an inner guide as your ultimate mentor and therapist, holding up the light for you to follow.


2 x Group Zoom calls

Start and end this powerful week with a 60 – 75 minute group Zoom.

When we come together what we learn and create is even more powerful.

A 2019 Harvard Study suggests that women within a close inner circle of other women actually landed much successful roles – that’s the power of the support of the group.

This is beautiful opportunity for powerful midlife women to support each other to change their story. We are the change….it’s happening now.

Let’s not do this alone.


Email Accountability

An accountability email midweek to ensure you are on track to finish the course on time.

We all need that little nudge sometimes and to know someone has your back.

Your new chapter is waiting for you so I’m there with you for the support you need.


Voxer Messenger Support

Stay connected throughout the week with me and your group, so that you know you are supported.
If you have any questions or want to share anything at all through the week, all you need to do is reach out.

I am at the other end of the (message) if you have any questions or if you want to share your findings, so you feel supported as you go through the journey – I am there for you.




Bonus 1: Introduction to Journaling

Instant Access to a 10 minute video that takes you through the simple steps so you can start journaling with ease.

  • What is journaling and how can it help you?

  • When to journal? Best time of day

  • Tools you need to journal

  • How long should it take every day?

  • Emotions you may experience when journaling

Journaling is simple but if we are not sure if we are doing it ‘right’ it can stop us from fully entering the process, so this video will help you to feel completely confident about starting journaling – you will be itching to get going.


Bonus 2: 5 Minute Guided Daily Meditation

A 5 minute MP3 audio you can listen to on your phone for your daily meditation practice to do before or after your journaling

Super short and easy to do, listening to this on your headphones will help to ground you before you journal and solidify your learnings after you journal – and the side effect? It puts you in a positive mindset for the rest of your day. What’s not to like about that?


Bonus 3: ‘How to design your own affirmations’ mini-course

DO you know just how powerful our words can be?

In this mini-course you get a  3-step Video and PDF guide to creating your own powerful words that create change that you can use every day.Use it during the course and beyond to amplify your results.


Yes, I know that speaking affirmations may sound a bit woo! But research shows that positive affirmations actually fire up neural pathways, lighting up reward centres in the brain and make changes to those areas to help you feel happier and more positive. I’m a huge advocate for personal positive affirmations and have seen amazing shifts in my own life when I use them.


Bonus 4: a whole 10% saving on BELONG: the life-changing  3 month one-to-one private and bespoke coaching programme.

If you love this course and would love to dive deeper then I have an exclusive offer for 10% off ‘Belong’.

And you can choose to take this offer up any time during or up to one week after our week together in this lovely container.


Bonus 5: Sexy and Fabulous playlist

A personally curated 30 minute playlist to help get

you out of your head and embodying your learnings

every day.

Listen to on your phone or speakers any time

you like.

Dancing is a tonic. It connects you to your body.

To creativityand to your emotions. This is an

exclusive playlist created just for this course

and you will love it.

Not to mention these amazing bonuses which will help you finish the course on a high


We begin on Monday 29th November just in time to get some ‘you’ time in before Christmas.

This is the beginning of the second half of your life. Do you want to wait to get started? How long can you continue feeling less of the woman you want to be? The time is now.


And, for the first 3 women who sign up I am offering a free, private coaching session to reinforce everything you’ve taken from the week and you’ll leave with a tailored plan for your next steps forward in your fabulous life.


Sign up now for the super early price which goes up after 48 hours

From Frumpy to Fabulous: Summary

Starting on Monday 29th November

  • 7 Days of Journalling: Daily Power Emails

Sells for £100


  • 2 x Group Zoom calls

Worth £150 each


  • Email accountability

This is easily worth £100+ for my time, love and all the personal

attention that goes into these


  • Voxer Support

Worth £100


  • Bonus 1: Introduction to Journaling

Sells on its own for £27


  • Bonus 2: 5 Minute Guided Daily Meditation

Worth £20


  • Bonus 3: ‘How to design your own affirmations’ mini-course

Sells on its own for £27


  • Bonus 4: a whole 10% saving on BELONG:

Currently this is worth £50, but BELONG is likely to go up in price very soon

  • Bonus 5: Sexy and Fabulous playlist

How can you put a price on something that sets you up so wonderfully for the day?


  • Private ‘Your Next Steps’ Session for the first 3 to sign up:

Private sessions with me start at £150


Sophie _27.jpg

Sign up for From Frumpy to Fabulous at mid-life right now for just £75

And that’s far less than most women would spend on just one trip to the hairdresser (and you really can’t compare the life-changing results, can you?)


The total value of everything you are getting is £579 or £729, if you are if you are one of the lucky first 3 to sign up.


And I am willing to offer this to you at this massive saving because I want to help as many women as possible feel EXCITED about getting older.

To embrace the woman you are becoming, because I promise you she is the upgraded version of you that you never knew existed.


Of course, you could have a course of therapy instead, and that’s likely to cost upwards of £500, and really? It’s not therapy you need, is it?


And at LESS than £10 per day, which will only just get you a decent glass of wine, it’s a no-brainer. You are worth far more than this, aren’t you, as you gain invaluable insight into yourself and master the amazing skill and life-long practice of powerful journaling.


Is there a Guarantee?

I *love* this course, and so do my clients, and I am so sure that you will find it amazing value that I am willing to back that up, so if you have even the teensiest thing you don’t like about the course, I will happily refund your money and offer you a private, 1-1 coaching session. (Sessions with me normally start at £150)


How much time will this take?

For the 7 days, all it takes is just 30 mins a day to feel like a new woman! Also I’ll be there to help keep you on track on messenger, if you


What if I get distracted or stuck?

Yes – life happens, doesn’t it? And for that reason I have the accountability emails AND your opportunity to connect in Voxer, if ever you feel stuck or want any support.
Although, you’ll be surprised at how much you start to enjoy this precious time every day.


What if I don’t do it properly?

The ‘how to journal’ video gives you all the introduction you need for you to feel super-confident to start journaling.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, which means you can’t get it wrong.


What if I can’t make the live Zoom calls?

If you can’t make the live calls no problem, you can still get everything you need from the course AND you have me supporting you inside Voxer for the entire week! Due to the interactive nature of the calls they won't be recorded.

What is Voxer? Do I have to pay for it?

Voxer is a FREE messenger app which you download to your phone


I've been there too....

I have stared into the abyss myself. Hitting an early menopause at 43. I struggled hugely with wanting to hold on to the woman I was. I was not ready yet.

  • We are told is not ok to age

  • We are told we cannot be an olderwoman and still be sexy and vital

  • We are told we should just slope off and go behave ourselves somewhere else!

  • When I realised that I too was entering midlife I decided that journey was not the one for me! And it doesn’t have to be yours either.


I feel more alive, sexier and empowered than I ever have before…come join me and be the change.

Here’s a reminder of what you get

Starting on Monday 29th November

  • 7 Days of Journalling: Daily Power Emails (Sells £100)

  • 2 x Group Zoom calls ( Worth £150 each)

  • Email accountability (Worth £100+)

  • Voxer Support (Worth £100)

  • Bonus 1: Introduction to Journaling (sells for £27)

  • Bonus 2: 5 Minute Guided Daily Meditation (Worth £20)

  • Bonus 3: ‘How to design your own affirmations’ mini-course ( Sells £27)

  • Bonus 4: a whole 10% saving on BELONG:

  • Bonus 5: Sexy and Fabulous playlist (priceless 😊 )

  • Private ‘Your Next Steps’ Session for the first 3 to sign up (Worth £150)

Your price for the entire course plus bonuses: £75



I *love* this course, and so do my clients, and I am so sure that you will find it amazing value that I am willing to back that up, so if you have even the teensiest thing you don’t like about the course, I will happily refund your money and offer you a private, 1-1 coaching session. (Sessions with me normally start at £150)

Feel Sexy & Fabulous in just 7 days even if society 'thinks' midlife means being drab and past it....

Are You......

  • feeling wobbly about hitting midlife?

  • Feel like you’re losing the woman you were and don't feel ready or know how to embrace the woman you are becoming

  • Feel like once women hit a certain age they become invisible, and you don’t want that to happen to you?

  • Want to feel excited about the second half of your life but just don’t know how!

  • Sick and tired of the social and cultural narrative that a woman becomes less of herself as she ages not more and you want to BE THE CHANGE.


“Sophie is helping me feel safe in my own skin, and feel safe and affirmed just being myself. After so many years, my intuition is speaking to me again” - Lauren

But it's not just about my experience...

Scientific evidence supports that journaling provides other unexpected benefits. The act of writing accesses your left brain, which is analytical and rational. While your left brain is occupied, your right brain is free to create, intuit and feel. In sum, writing removes mental blocks and allows you to use all of your brainpower to better understand yourself, others and the world around you. (source