Hey You Fabulous Woman.....

I know you’re  feeling disconnected to yourself, from your sexuality and sensuality. 


You so deeply want to.....

feel more alive

feel more pleasure

feel deep rest

or excitement

or joy 

or even delicious orgasmic delight (why the hell not!)

And I also know it feels almost impossible to know where to start.


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I totally understand your pain…

I've been there too


Society doesn't exactly set us up to be super connected to our sensuality as Women. I mean, did anyone tell you how?

Me either.....

So heres the thing...


If you want to feel all those delicious feelings I mentioned

above, you HAVE to get curious about guess who? Yep its YOU!

And when do you even make the time to connect to your body?


Maybe you run/go to the gym or even do Yoga....

  • But do you really stop to listen and check what your body wants?

  • Do you think about HOW your body wants to move?

  • Do you think about HOW your body wants to be touched?

I know how it feels to do all THE RIGHT things but to still feel disconnected to yourself. I spent years doing Yoga EVERY DAY. Teaching Yoga for years. Thinking I was embodied but I was anything but....why?

Because no matter how much Yoga I 'did' I still didnt know how to be truely connected to myself. I didnt know how to listen. To connect my body to my soul and FINALLY start to take care of myself...but for real this time.

So if this is you:

  • You're a Woman who wants to

       take time for yourself

  • You want embrace your body but don't

       know where the hell to start

  • You've done the Yoga, Gym, read all the

       books and listened to all the podcasts

       but nothing quite hits the mark

Sophie _09.jpg

I'm so excited to share my new offering with you.....

Self Love Class (800 x 800 px).jpeg

  • Take the guess work out of starting your journey to sensual embodiment - this class is how!

  • Get clear on what your body needs moment to moment

  • Use movement, breathwork, self touch and being in circle with other women are some of the most potent ways to truly connect to ourselves

Here's what other Women are saying....
What you'll receive......
  • A 75 minute transformative experience from the comfort of your own home
  • A 'how to make the most of your experience' PDF before the class begins
  • Access to the playlist especially created for the class
All for just £10 (or the same price as a decent glass of wine these days!)
Women Holding Hands
What to expect.....


We come together as a group and really settle into the container that we will share for the next 75 minutes. There is also time for journaling.

Connection with breath

We will always begin with some breathwork. Breathwork has an amazing ability to totally shift our mental state it is super powerful!

Connection with movement

We will explore different kinds of movement that is both approachable and adaptable. You don't need to be a Yoga queen to do this practice!

Connection with self touch

A chance to explore how your body might like to be touched in the moment. To start to really listen to your bodies signals and get curious.


There is always time for relaxation and reconnecting to the group.

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Hi I'm Sophie....

Holding space for women to come closer to themselves is my happy place. Whether thats through movement and embodied practices, journaling or helping women to explore more of themselves by trying something they never thought they could or would!

I began teaching Yoga in 2009 and have been totally unemployable since then. My passions in life are staying curious and open to new experiences. Wild swimming, concious sexuality and saunas!

My dog is my life and keeping life as simple as possible keeps me sane. I live partly in London with my partner and partly in Brighton by the sea. You can connect with me on instagram or my through my mailing list.