Practice Yoga with Me...

I have been practicing yoga for over 16 years and teaching since 2009. Since starting Yoga I have practised many different styles but notably Ashtanga Yoga. I moved away from this dynamic practice in 2018 when I began needing something different for my body. As we age, we change right?  I found my body needed more diversity and strength work. I needed to change things up!


My practice and teaching draws from classical yoga styles, functional mobility and dance! (I danced from the age of 4!). I hope that I can meet you where you are at and together we can build for you a strong and sustainable yoga practice.


All classes are online, unless you are based in central Brighton.


£60 per hour

£220 for block of 4 sessions (to be used within 2 months)

I have fibromyalgia, which is debilitating and a daily battle with pain and fatigue. I have been having private sessions, each week, with Sophie for more than two years. These sessions are a fusion of dance, yoga, strength. They are interactive, dynamic, and fun, and no two sessions are the same. Sophie has taught me how to connect my mind with each part of my body, with imagination and creativity. She is providing me with tools that are part of my daily management of my fibromyalgia; reducing the severity of my symptoms (including anxiety) in a way that is very empowering and uplifting. There are people you meet in your life who change it for the better; Sophie is one of those people - Jo